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Seven delicious cookies baked fresh and decorated in fondant especially for your loved one.  

Select your own message in the options, if your message is not there just let me know and I can change that. Please note the colour of the plaque will match the flowers.


All our cookies come individually wrapped and ingredient list included


The shelf life of the cookies is 6 weeks.

Free pickup (address provided upon delivery confirmation)


Postage Available


We have many different cookie shapes and designs - check out our instagram or facebook page for inspo - or get in touch to chat about your ideas. Be sure to include any pictures or details - or we can share some of ours.

Great job Mum I turned out Awesome

  • Gingerbread 
    Sugar, flour, butter, eggs, honey, mixed spice, bi-carb soda

    Vanilla Cookies
    Sugar, flour, butter, egg, vanilla, lemon, orange

    Chocolate Cookies
    Sugar, flour, butter, egg, vanilla, cocoa

    Sugar, water, lemon juice, vanilla, pasteurised dried egg white powder
    Coloured cookies may contain 129, 102, 122, 123, 133, 110.

    The Cookie Spot uses Fondtastic Premium Fondant

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