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Corporate Orders

Why choose the Cookie Spot. for creating a personalised and professional experience for your corporate cookies

The Cookie Spot. is a fully registered kitchen and has proven experience and specialises in the design, creation and professional delivery for corporate cookies and event cookies for employers of all sizes.


We work with you to create a custom design including the shape and flavour of your corporate cookie that are decorated with your branding, logo or personalised message.


Our experience working with companies across Australia

The Cookie Spot. has worked with many companies across Australia to create a unique experience that reflects the company brand and delivers an amazing experience to clients or staff.


Examples of where our clients have used corporate cookies and event cookies are:

  • Gifts for prospective customers

  • Special staff events (e.g. Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, Red Ribbon Day)

  • Industry Events and Marketing

  • Staff gifts 

About our cookies

Our corporate cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients, designed and made with care and professionally packaged and delivered to guarantee that you and your staff or customers will be delighted.

  • Designed to match your logo, branded message and colours and we can even create special order embossers or stencils for the perfect image for your business

  • Our corporate cookies also come in a wide range of shapes and designs - check out our instagram gallery for inspiration and ideas.

  • Each corporate cookie is individually heat sealed to meet the highest Australian food industry standards and also comes with a nutritional and ingredients label

  • Our prices are the extremely competitive for the quality of our finished product - ranging from $3 up to $4 per cookie depending on design and quantity

  • We can also provide custom gift wrapping and boxing to enhance the presentation of your corporate cookies.

We can also provide a sample pack with your unique design or logo


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